What Is Developer Attribution

Developer Attribution is a simple plugin that enables you to display a random backlink to your website - typically used for website developers.

What Does Developer Attribution Do?

Developer Attribution selects and displays a random back link to a website on each page refresh.

Why Develop Developer Attribution?

We developed Developer Attribution so we could link to multiple pages on our website but still using the same space as one 'hard coded' link.

Where do I go to see the settings?

Log in to our administrator area and navigate to 'Extensions -> Plugins' and look for 'Content - Developer Attribution' - click to edit the plugin. Once in the edit screen, you will see the text examples that we have entered for our demo website.


Refresh the page a couple of times to see different messages.

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Where do I download Developer Attribution from?

Head over to the main Developer Attribution page to view the documentation and download our extension.