Welcome to our Joomla! Extension Demo website - our Joomla! extensions are installed within this website. Some extensions only have an administrator interface where as others have a front-end display.

What extensions are installed?



OHSecurity is a Joomla! and WordPress Security extension that blocks hackers and bad bots from penetrating your website.

OHSecurity provides additional protection to your Joomla! powered website. By default when a 'hacker' attempts to compromise your website, Joomla! produces a '403 Forbidden' message but allows the hacker to keep trying.

With OHSecurity, we block the attempt and all access to your website - preventing the hacker from trying multiple times. OHSecurity works on a '1 strike and your out' rule.

OHSecurity is built up on a number of plugins, modules and a component. Below we will outline the tasks of each so you can gain a better understanding of how OHSecurity works.

How to view OHSecurity

OHSecurity only provides an administrator interface - log in to our administrator area and navigate to 'Components -> OHSecurity' and check out the functionality.

Developer Attribution

What Is Developer Attribution

Developer Attribution is a simple plugin that enables you to display a random backlink to your website - typically used for website developers.

What Does Developer Attribution Do?

Developer Attribution selects and displays a random back link to a website on each page refresh.

I want more information

Check out our dedicated Developer Attribution page from the menu.

Current Year

What Is Current Year?

Current Year is a simple plugin that just displays the current year.

What Does Current Year Do?

Current year does exactly what it says, it displays the current year.

I want more information

Check out our dedicated Current Year page from the menu.

How do I access the Administrator area?

Use the following credentials to log in as an administrator user;

Username: admin
Password: admin